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Big Brake Kits custom made for your specific car/truck.


Front Rotor size: 350mm to 420mm

Front Caliper: 6-8-10 pistons

Rear Rotor size: 330mm to 400mm

Rear Caliper: Re-use stock caliper, 4-6 piston caliper + EPB caliper (if applicable)


Brake Pads- Ceramic and Semi Metallic.


Brake lines- Stainless steel


All mounting brackets and hardware included with the kit.



*These are custom big brake kits. Please reach out to us and we can discuss your options.  


*Please provide us with you car's details since some models may not be compatible with these exact brake rotor sizes.


*Price starts at $3345.

Universal Big Brake Kit

Custom-Order. Please email us and we will discuss your options.