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Unlock the true potential of your Audi RSQ8 with Triton Motorsports' Iron to Carbon Ceramic Brakes Conversion Kit. Tailored specifically for the Audi RSQ8, this comprehensive upgrade package includes carbon ceramic brake discs for both axles and corresponding pads, meticulously engineered to surpass the performance of the factory iron brake setup.


Reinforced Friction Surface: Our carbon ceramic discs and pads boast a reinforced friction layer on the surface, ensuring unparalleled durability and longevity. This advanced design effectively prevents excessive wear, maintaining consistent performance even in the most demanding driving conditions.

Significant Weight Reduction: Upgrade to carbon ceramic brakes and experience a substantial reduction in weight – nearly 50% lighter than conventional iron brakes. This reduction in unsprung mass enhances agility, accelerates responsiveness, and optimizes overall vehicle dynamics, unleashing the full potential of your Audi RSQ8.


Unrivaled Performance: Elevate your driving experience with Triton Motorsports' Carbon Ceramic Brakes Conversion Kit. Enjoy superior braking performance, shorter stopping distances, improved pedal feel, and exceptional fade resistance, allowing you to confidently navigate any road or track with precision.

Extended Durability: The reinforced friction surface of our carbon ceramic discs and pads ensures extended durability and reliability, providing consistent performance over the lifespan of the brakes. Bid farewell to frequent replacements and enjoy enhanced longevity and peace of mind on every drive.

Improved Efficiency: With their reduced weight and advanced friction technology, our carbon ceramic brakes contribute to improved fuel efficiency and reduced brake fade, enhancing overall efficiency and longevity. Experience enhanced performance and efficiency with Triton Motorsports' Carbon Ceramic Brakes Conversion Kit.


Upgrade Your Audi RSQ8 with Triton Motorsports: Elevate your Audi RSQ8 driving experience with our Iron to Carbon Ceramic Brakes Conversion Kit. Unleash unparalleled performance, durability, and weight savings. Transform your driving experience today.


Fitment:  2020-onwards RSQ8

Specs: Front 420mmx40mm

               Rear 370mmx30mm


Direct Replacement for the following OE Part # 4K0615301S, 4M8615301D,  4K0615601A, 4M8698151D, 4M8698451


Hat: Billet Aluminum



The price is for a set of front and rear discs with the respective pads.


Turn around time ~75 days

Audi RSQ8 Iron to Carbon Conversion

  • 1y/36000 mi (whichever comes first) against manufacturer defects.

    We do not cover improper installs, use on wrong platforms and damage from external influences.

    This is not a road hazard warranty.

  • Only Unopened/Unused rotors may be returned.

    A 20% restocking fee + shipping cost applies. 

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