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"What You Need to Know About Floating Brake Discs"

Floating brake discs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for drivers looking to get the most out of their braking system. With a two piece construction, floating brake discs provide superior cooling and better performance than traditional single-piece brakes. They also offer superior vibration dampening, making them ideal for high performance vehicles that require a smoother ride.

The rotor is made up of an inner surface, called the hat, and an outer braking surface, called the disc. The two pieces are connected by small metal pins or bolts, which allow the outer disc to "float" or move independently of the inner hat.

The improved performance results in a smoother and safer ride for drivers, as well as increased brake pad life expectancy. Customers who purchase this product can benefit from reduced maintenance costs due to its superior durability, making it an excellent choice for any vehicle.

The advantages of floating brake disc technology are clear: they run cooler due to increased air flow between the two pieces; they resist warping at higher temperatures which results in an improved braking response; and they last longer due to reduced wear on the friction surfaces. In addition, these discs can be easily replaced without having to replace the entire assembly, making them extremely cost effective in the long run.

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